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Who we are

Bank.Green was founded by a group of volunteers in late 2020. Each of us had been working on ways to raise awareness about the climate crisis, without paying much attention to our money. We became united by one, almost ridiculous question:

Are we working to help the environment, while our own money is simultaneously destroying it?

We asked our banks this question, but it was difficult to get a full answer. Unfortunately, the biggest retail banks in the world are indeed supporting environmentally-destructive projects.

Why is this still happening? Why is it not being talked about enough? We believe there are many answers to these questions. We also believe that if a bank was facing significant challenges from a large number of its own customers, it would divest from projects that are harming us. When we concluded this, Bank.Green was born.

There are many environmentally-harmful activities that banks enable, but Bank.Green has decided to focus its efforts on fossil fuel extraction. This is both to streamline our mission and to tackle one of the biggest drivers of global heating.

Time is running out. If you feel the same, join us, because having your support will make all the difference.

  • Albert R Carter

    Albert is an environmental activist, and data engineer living in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. He is always looking for high-leverage ways to create change, and as a result, enjoys working on environmental projects in science, finance and communication. Outside of activism, he enjoys bike touring and hiking.

  • Alice Hu

    When Alice finished school in 2019, she had the strongly felt but vaguely conceived plan to somehow do some good in the world. As she reckoned with her own eco-grief, she found her place in climate campaigning, working to create a livable world for all from New York City.

  • Being a tech founder in several successful startups, Ilias felt he could use his experience and passion in the fight against climate change and life on our planet. He enjoys hosting on couchsurfing, meeting people and travel.

  • Martha Murphy

    Martha is a freelance copywriter for several successful brands who was looking for ways to do good outside of her regular job. She chases surf and snow around Europe with her fiancé and their adventure-loving pup.

  • Neil Simpson

    Neil used to write for London restaurant guides and tourism magazines, until he realised that he only wanted to write about protecting the environment. Neil is currently travelling around Australia, volunteering on farms, and writing as he goes.

  • Zak Gottlieb

    Zak joined the climate movement in 2019 after feeling the world was sleep-walking towards catastrophe and wanting to use his knowledge of digital marketing to do something about it. He leads a nomadic life, mostly around Europe.

  • Luke Gelmi

    Luke is an ex-oil-and-gas Chemical Engineer who - after hearing the bleak image that climate scientists are painting of our future - has made the switch to fighting for a planet we can all live on for the next hundred generations.

  • Christian Harries

    Christian is a software engineer who is new to the tech industry. He is passionate about using his skills to help fight climate change and is currently working on a project to help people reduce their carbon footprint.

Bank.Green is a project of Empowerment Works Inc. 501(c)(3)