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Take action

Do you watch or read climate crisis news and think: "Ok, this is bad, but what now? What can I do about this?"

We do too. Even this website, as it alerts you to the destructive cycle that our money is stuck in, might be making you feel overwhelmed and powerless.

Well, no more! It's time to take action:

Apply pressure

It has been proved over and over again that people power creates change. Some would say it’s the only thing that creates change. So, whatever your personal banking situation and intentions are, this is your guide to applying your unique brand of pressure to the industry.

If you take only one action while visiting our site today, we hope it will be to sign the Bank.Green pledge to move your money away from fossil banks:

Pledge To Move Your Money

Even if you are still tied into a financial product with your current bank, your pledge is what matters. Every name we gather represents another person who is prepared to claw their money back from the fossil fuel industry. The longer this list grows, the more powerful we become - and the harder we'll be to ignore.

If you're not ready to move your money now or in the future, or if you already bank sustainably, the very best way to turn up the heat up on the banks is to let them know your concerns:

Start a conversation with a fossil bank

Start a conversation? That doesn't exactly sound action-packed. What's that going to achieve?

Well, we think this action is vital. If enough customers, or potential customers, make it clear that they are unhappy and alarmed by a bank's financing of fossil fuels, the bank will feel the pressure to either change, or face losing customers. The more conversations, the more pressure.

There are a few ways you can start such a conversation. Before you get in touch, we encourage you to check how the bank ranks for fossil fuel financing. If you mention this information when you talk to the bank, it will be difficult for them to change the subject.

Make a phone call

Send an email or letter

Visit a local branch

Start to Bank Green Today

Banks live and die on their reputations. Mass movements of money to fossil-free competitors puts those reputations at grave risk. By moving your money to a sustainable financial institution, you will:

Send a message to your bank that it must defund fossil fuels

Join a fast-growing movement of consumers standing up for their future

Take a critical climate action with profound effects

Bank.Green is a project of Empowerment Works Inc. 501(c)(3)